Trust Advisory

Taurus’ Trust Division works with clients, alongside the company’s expert Tax Advisors, to advise on how to protect assets from future potential events and situations.

The division is led by Zara Tonks (LLB), who is an expert in structuring, setting up and managing trusts for families, asset protection and succession planning.

The division’s sole focus is on trusts and works alongside other experts including lawyers, accountants and investment advisors.

The usual purpose of a trust is to achieve a benefit from no longer personally owning an asset which can do the following:

  • Protect separate property
  • Protect and enable intergenerational wealth
  • Reduce risk of asset loss through business failure
  • Reduce risk of loss of assets through legal action
  • Gain taxation benefits

Specific Trust Services provided by Zara and her team include:

  • Advising on various types of trusts including Family, Parallel, Single, Inheritance, Business and Charitable Trusts for specific personal needs or objectives
  • Reviewing existing trusts and assessing their ongoing effectiveness
  • Discussing and implementing succession planning

With each client, a personal approach is taken with the understanding that a trust structure needs to be tailored to fit each situations, family, or personal and professional circumstance.

The types of life situation that may warrant a closer look at establishing a trust include:

  • Getting married or married again, or settling down with a long term partner
  • Needing good combined advice about tax and trusts
  • Single people or those leaving a relationship with assets
  • Asset protection to ensure that potential future credits cannot make a claim over the family assets
  • Wanting intergenerational protection of wealth for your children’s future

If you are considering any of these questions we recommend an appointment with Zara who will be able to provide advice about how a trust can help provide comfort, peace of mind and a sustainable financial future.

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