Change Management

For whatever reason, businesses sometimes find themselves struggling, often through no fault of their own. It’s at times like these you need strong guidance and expertise.

At Taurus we believe in helping companies through issues by providing the best possible advice and resources to keep the business operating.

When financial problems hit, the focus usually turns to short term cash flow and away from long term decisions.

This is where Taurus can help owners and managers:

As an external support, Taurus can help owners and managers provide strategies to turn a business around so it’s a viable long-term investment. Or, in some cases, we can prepare a business for sale or winding-up, if there are not other options. Time and again, we have seen businesses that could have been saved from closure, if management had acted faster.

Our Change Management services include:
  • Full business review to assess which parts are working and which aren’t
  • Recommendations on areas of the business to support long term  
  • Assistance with new lending or debt restructuring
  • Discussions with major suppliers and creditors
  • Planning and implementation of business turnarounds
  • Sale of businesses and assets
  • Preparation of the business for sale and assistance with the process

Insolvency Services

Sometimes there’s no other option than to maximize the value of the assets through a formal insolvency appointment. 

Taurus has many years of experience in managing this often difficult process, including any creditor shortfall so that new owners are not affected by past trading.

The insolvency services we offer, include: 

  • Liquidations ( Court Appointed or Shareholder Appointed )
  • Interim liquidations
  • Receiverships
  • Investigative reports ( for banks, funders, shareholders major creditors, etc )
  • Forensic accounting
  • Creditors comprise / debt arrangements ( company or personal )
  • Voluntary administrations
  • Advice on insolvency related matters
  • PPSA issues

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