Capital and Finance Raising

Taurus’ team of accountants and financial analysts are focused on business finance, capital raising, property structuring, project management, business sale and acquisition, and business structuring and advice.

Our commitment is delivering compelling funding solutions for any situation and using our experience to advise on ways to strengthen financial positions, by finding the most cost-effective funding from a variety of sources.

We have strong relationships that give us multiple options for finance and funding, at all levels, from banks to non-bank lending including mezzanine, high net worth individuals and private equity.

Our connections mean we can tap quickly into credit criteria assessment and our in-depth understanding means we can optimise who to approach and how.

We take a very personal approach to providing advice with our first step always being to develop our knowledge of you, your business and people. We then assess the best way to optimise your assets and performance.

Taurus’ approach is to be diligent on detail, even if it means asking hard questions, and then communicating openly with all parties. The way we approach any transaction means there is a high probability of success because we believe in being rigorous and transparent.

In all cases, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best possible service, guaranteeing confidentiality and striving for satisfaction by supporting the development of your business.

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